• Do you provide product customization?

    Yes, we provide customization so that businesses are able to deliver to customers what they really want without adding unnecessary processes and complexities. Examples of customized areas are different sizes in cassette/test sheet/desiccant and foil bag.
  • Do you provide on-site installation, training and technical support?

    Yes, we provide on-site installation, training and technical support upon request from clients over the world.
  • What is your equipment delivery time, warranty period and life span?

    It takes about 14 working days for delivery after receive PO and raw materials, with one year warranty. On average the estimated life span is 20 years with proper maintenance.
  • Are there any quality validation processes before machines are delivered to buyer?

    Yes, we always conduct 3Q processes validation at different stages. (IQ-Installation qualification, OQ-Operational Qualification and PQ-Performance Qualification)
  • Is your equipment compliance with CE certification?

    Yes, all of our cassette assembly and packaging machines are compliance with CE certification dated 11/11/2020. Certificate No.: ISETC .000120201111.
  • If I have some suggestions on the product, can you accept customization?

    Yes ! We are looking forward to your suggestions and will refer to your needs. Our company accept OEM .
  • Does the product have a certification or testing report?

    Yes ,all the products have the certification and testing report .
  • Will the machine be inspected before shipping out ?

    We have professional Quality inspection department responsible for quality inspection .