Cassette Assembly and Packaging Machine (Multi Windows Cassette)

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Cassette Assembly and Packaging Machine (Multi Windows Cassettes)

Multi Windows system is designed to meet multi diseases antigen and antibody tests cassettes production requirement. It can be assembled for three different types of strips concurrently with fully automated assembly, packing and inspection purposes.
TWD06 cassette assembly and packaging machine is equipped with high precision cutting and placing mechanism. The cut strips on conveyor and placing on cassettes base are inspected by high resolution camera sensor. Defect parts such as strips contamination and slant placement will be detected and ejected into waste boxes. This is to ensure that finished products are free from problem with ZERO defect.
Cassettes base and cover feed by vibration bowl regardless of direction. It will be arranged and commutation automatically by machine mechanism. Desiccants feed by vibration bowl and foil bags by magazine, finished products will be checked by sensor to ensure all parts are in the right place.
The HMI touch screen displays real production data tracking, system parameters ,as well as trouble shooting and parts faulty messages.
The 100% check on cut strips and strip placing equipped with one vision monitor displays the inspection images and results in real time. Strips contamination and cut width are verified.

Key Features

Cassettes and desiccants feed automatically with vibrator bowls
Sheets and foil bags feed automatically with magazine
Strips cut, pick and place automatically
Sheets trim and scrap will be rejected automatically
Strips placement checked by high precision camera sensor
NC parts will be rejected automatically
HMI touch screen control interface
  • GRK-TWD06 (Multi_Windows Cassette)