Reagent Filling and Assembly Machine

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Reagent Filling and Assembly Machinea

Z800 reagent filling and assembly machine is equipped with high precision peristaltic pump. The liquid filled is inspected by high resolution camera sensor. Defect parts will be detected and ejected into waste boxes. This is to ensure that finished products are free from problem with ZERO defect.
Caps base, cover and bottles feed by vibration bowl regardless of direction. It will be arranged and commutation automatically by machine mechanism. Finished products will be checked by sensor to ensure all parts are in the right place.
The HMI touch screen displays real production data tracking, system parameters, as well as trouble shooting and parts faulty messages.
The Z800 equipment is designed for high volume production with customized product. The equipment provides high efficiency, consistency, productivity and fully automated for lateral flow diagnostic accessories products.

Key Features

Caps base, cover and bottles feed automatically with vibrator bowls
High precision peristaltic pump with adjustable volume
Liquid filled checked by high precision camera sensor
NC parts will be rejected automatically
HMI touch screen control interface
  • GRK-Z800-Y69