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  • Q Do you provide product customization?

    A Yes, we provide customization so that businesses are able to deliver to customers what they really want without adding unnecessary processes and complexities. Examples of customized areas are different sizes in cassette/test sheet/desiccant and foil bag.
  • Q Do you provide on-site installation, training and technical support?

    A Yes, we provide on-site installation, training and technical support upon request from clients over the world.
  • Q What is your equipment delivery time, warranty period and life span?

    A It takes about 14 working days for delivery after receive PO and raw materials, with one year warranty. On average the estimated life span is 20 years with proper maintenance.
  • Q Are there any quality validation processes before machines are delivered to buyer?

    A Yes, we always conduct 3Q processes validation at different stages. (IQ-Installation qualification, OQ-Operational Qualification and PQ-Performance Qualification)
  • Q Is your equipment compliance with CE certification?

    A Yes, all of our cassette assembly and packaging machines are compliance with CE certification dated 11/11/2020. Certificate No.: ISETC .000120201111.
  • Q If I have some suggestions on the product, can you accept customization?

    A Yes ! We are looking forward to your suggestions and will refer to your needs. Our company accept OEM .
  • Q Does the product have a certification or testing report?

    A Yes ,all the products have the certification and testing report .
  • Q Will the machine be inspected before shipping out ?

    A We have professional Quality inspection department responsible for quality inspection .
  • Q What is the company's capacity?

    A Our company can produce more then 200 sets per month.
  • Q Is the ball machine easy to install and use?

    A Yes !when you receive the machine ,just open it and find the remote to use.
  • Q How to repair the machine?

    A We have a professional after-sales service team, 24 hours to provide service for you.
  • Q How will the product be packed?

    A Machine will be packed with plywood Carton.
  • Q How long does the 4015 battery can be lasted?

    A 4015 battery can be lasted 4-6 hours.
  • Q What is the product warranty policy?

    A Warranty: We will provide free technical support within 2 years .
  • Q What is the delivery time of the product?

    A The delivery time of the product is 2-5 days .Depends on your order quantity.
  • Q What's the minimum quantity of an order?

    A The minimum quantity of an order is one set.
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