CACLP 2021- A World Leading In Vitro Diagnostics Exhibition in China

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Gereke participated in the 18th CACLP 2021 which was held on 28th-30th March 2021 in Chongqing International Expo Centre, the largest and leading IVD exhibition in China.

During the event, we exhibited our latest technological high speed lateral flow cassette assembly and packaging machines which produce 4000 parts per hour. The performance of this dual rails assembly machine is with higher efficiency, consistency and productivity compared with conventional machines.

We received a lot of positive and impressive feedbacks and requests from our existing and potential customers during demonstration and discussion. We appreciate and take their feedbacks seriously, and always put ourselves in their shoes, to make contributions that far exceed their expectations through our technologies.

We are proud to announce that Gereke has achieved outstanding performance in the year 2021. We have supplied for more than 600 sets lateral flow cassette assembly and packaging machines for local and overseas markets such as Acon, Innova, Andon etc.

Gereke strives not only to provide our customers with the leading technologically innovative products, but also through excellence in customer service. We are confident that Gereke will maintain its edge as one of the leading brands in the world.


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